Thank you for reading about us!  We are James Norman Jr. and Matthew Winship; two photographers based out of Jacksonville that have a deep passion for all things photographic.

We specialize in photo-journalistic wedding photography with an edgy, artistic flair! We thrive off the unique qualities brought to us by each and every wedding we shoot! You could call us documentarians at heart. In the spirit of that tradition, we find poetry in your wedding day while still staying true to reality. This allows us to build a great relationship which translates to images that will last a lifetime.

In addition to providing traditional wedding, event photos, and formal portraits we offer a fun and unique way to get the party started with our photo booth services. Our open booth is similar to a portrait set up. The open concept design, versus the typical enclosed “booth” structure, allows for a variety of backdrop options and the capability to for larger group sessions. This creates a really fun new spin on what people have seen at other events over the past few years. We love capturing great images and try our best to make each shoot as fun as possible.


Like most artists with a passion for their medium and clients, we are always working. If you are interested in allowing Subject One Photography be part of your special day please don't hesitate to send us an email!